Getting Sherlocked

Sherlock (TV series)

Sherlock (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sherlock – possibly one of the greatest detective series written. It’s the witty comments, fast thinking  and curly hair that make this sociopath so attractive. Smart is definitely the new sexy.

Benedict Cumberbatch has managed to create a character that has the restlessness of The Doctor (Doctor Who), the mind of a genius and the stereotypical British stiff upper lip. The hair, the face, the walk and the fast paced talk make his version of Sherlock miles better than that of Robert Downey Jr’s.

A script that made me laugh out loud many times added with some expert camera work and the London backdrop  make this show so different from others. After a day of intense screen time I have attempted to observer rather that see everyone that I meet using Sherlock’s technique – so far the score has been 2 out of 5 correct.

I do wonder what Sherlock would deduce from looking at me.

Season 3 airs this Autumn and I can’t wait

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