The Tardis and The 11th Doctor

In The Doctor's Wife the TARDIS assumes human ...

Whilst watching an episode of Doctor Who recently, I realised just how practical owning a Tardis could be. The unlimited space, being able to design your room as many times as you want, having a huge library and any other room you may desire at your disposal at all times. The writers of Doctor Who have essentially  created the most desirable dream home in a box.

I especially enjoyed the episode when the Tardis soul took human form. The Doctor always addresses her like many men address their cars, with such love and adoration; I always wondered how the Tardis would respond if given the opportunity and I am glad this episode was made to quench that curiosity. It’s the love story that has withstood the test of time and space – quite literally.

The current flyer and Doctor, Matt Smith, has been the first Doctor I have seen from regeneration to present day. It has been his ability to seem young and old in a look coupled with the energy in every episode has that makes him such an attractive character. I certainly wouldn’t mind being in a box with him.

There are actors you see that you instantly recognise them as playing a part and there are others that become and own the part they play. The role of The Doctor is a role that requires you to be in the second category and Matt has done just that. He made The Doctor his own with a different gait, an intense stare and making tweed jackets, bow ties, floppy hair and Fezzes cool.

It comes as a tragic blow to my psyche  that he will be hanging up his bow tie and Sonic Screwdriver in the next season. It has been such a fantastic four years; visiting time and space and improving my tolerance of creepy stuff (the Angels are 3rd on the list, it was the Dolls House that traumatised me thoroughly). The WiFi episode left me slightly paranoid- everyone is connected to the internet.

Series 7 has been modernised with flirtation and more tech gizmos. Many have argued that these changes have ruined the spirit of the show and that the story lines have become too complicated to follow. It’s just Doctor Who growing up. It cannot remain exactly the same forever. I quite like the flirting as it makes the show more real in a way that was only touched in series 6 with the very quick wedding. I like the idea of the Doctor acting more human he does after all hang out with them on a frequent basis. The story lines are nowhere near complicated – you just have to pay attention and if you don’t understand something Google it and find the Doctor Who Wikipage.

The media drama as to Doctor Who being ‘thunderingly racist ‘ and ‘too white’ has been utterly ridiculous. As a black woman I have never felt that Doctor Who has been discriminatory in any way. It in fact teaches tolerance and appreciation for the world around us.

We are one corner of one country of one continent of one planet of one galaxy.

In a bid to be politically correct some people have gone to the extreme. There will always be some roles that require a certain type of person to fill the shoes. It’s not in any way racism or discrimination it’s just how the world is. (please note these views are mine and are in no way connected to the BBC)

Steven Moffat picked the right Doctor in Smith. He will always be my favorite Doctor but when the time come I will try to love the new Doctor as much as him (this is a long shot). I wait with bated breath for the regeneration.

Doctor Who is back November 23rd. I have cleared my calendar and will be re-watching my favorite episodes until then. What about you?