Being Beautiful

They say that beauty comes from within. 

Its a common in schools to hear in an all girls school, someone say ‘my nose is too big’, ‘my lips are too thin’, ‘I wish I was more…’  Hearing teenagers complain about their mothers telling them to eat more or that they are trying to get down to a size six is frightening and unhealthy

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches are the perfect example of how hard people are on themselves and how other people see them. Young girls plastering make up on their faces to feel more beautiful is not right. Unfortunately the media is pushing two different messages – ‘everyone is beautiful’ versus ’10 ways to look beautiful.’

People complain that this advert is sexist are wrong. Those that complain that it is a marketing stunt are right but the message is still there.

Inner beauty is more important that outer beauty because in the end your personality is going to dictate your future no matter how aesthetically pleasing you are to the eye. 

Every time someone around me says something they don’t like about themselves I tell them they why they should love that same thing. Some days I feel less beautiful than others its just how life is. Making sure that you don’t feel that way always can be hard

My solution was say what I loved about myself and then the story behind each imperfection-  I have a scar from an operation last year, and to me that is beautiful – it’s a representation of what I have been through. Compliment yourself every day and remind your self that scar and wrinkles tell stories of your past and are moments frozen significant to your life

As my mother says ‘if nobody else is going to praise me; I will praise myself.’ 

Our imperfection makes us unique. We are a society of imperfect people


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